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Pastoral Care

Modeled on the Houses of Harrow School, we ensure there is close personal tutoring of our children’s living and learning, so as to create a healthy and happy environment for our children to live up to their full potential through individual and holistic ways.

Harrowness: The House System

The term ‘House’ owes its origins to Harrow. Harrow’s House system aims to provide a personalised learning environment in which each child is personally known by a key member of staff. In Harrow Little Lions, all children belong to one of our Houses: Loyal, Intrepid, Olympian and Noble, which helps students develop a strong sense of belonging.


Close Personal Tutoring

Close personal tutoring is at the heart of the Harrow philosophy to cultivate children’s curiosity, creativity and good learning habits on top of their excellent academic achievements. Following this tutoring system, Harrow Little Lions ensures that each child has a member of staff who not only responsibly monitors his/ academic progress, but are constantly aware of his extra-curricular and personal development.