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From the Principal

Paul Cunningham
Chief Principal
Little Lions International Pre-Schools
Mr. Cunningham was the founding member of Harrow International School, Shanghai, before assuming the position of Head of Lower School in 2016. He had been a been a Headteacher for over twenty years, leading schools in Brunei, Gibraltar and Spain as well as State schools in the UK. His school in Brunei was judged to be in the top 100 schools worldwide that was inspected by Her Majesty’s Inspection team. Paul is committed to high standards in all aspects of educational provision and believes the key indicator of school performance is the attainment and achievement of its students.

Dear Parent,

It gives me great pleasure to welcome you to Little Lions, where young children are given the very best start in their journey through education and life. As an experienced educator I believe children only get one chance, in terms of their education, so we have to get it right and at Little Lions we do. Everyone who works in our kindergartens has high expectations. We pursue the very best standards. We accept nothing less. Children who come to our kindergartens will learn, have fun, make friends and grow in a safe and friendly environment.
At the basis of our pedagogy is a recognition that every child is unique. We recognise they have different interests and strengths, come from different backgrounds and respond uniquely to other; children, adults and their environment. Children develop at their own rates, and in their own ways. At Little Lions all our outstanding teachers are aware of this.
Our curriculum ensures that children have a rich opportunity to play and explore. These principles underpin learning and development across all areas and support the child remaining an effective and motivated learner. The Little Lions curriculum is broad and balanced, creative and challenging. It is based on the Early Years Foundation Stage Curriculum of England and effectively fused with key Chinese areas of learning to form a truly exciting learning journey. The rich history, culture and traditions of China are respected and celebrated through our cross curricular themes and specific subject lessons.
We are also able to add a further dimension to our provision, which is our ‘Harrowness’ whereby we are able to draw upon over 400 years of high quality educational provision as provided by Harrow UK. In practical terms this will be reflected through our strong pastoral systems, varied programme of extra-curricular activities and of course the House System. At Little Lions we are able to draw on the support and experiences of our existing International School kindergartens here in China and other countries in Southeast Asia. We are proud to be a part of the Harrow family of schools.
Early Years education is a journey not just for the young child but also for the parent and at Little Lions we will ensure you have every opportunity to be involved in the education of your most prized possession. In all our kindergartens, through a variety of channels, you will be consistently informed of your child’s progress. Our workshops will inform you of what your child is learning and give you further ways in which you can support their education at home. At Little Lions we always believe in the positive partnership between the Kindergarten and the home. We recognise that parents are the biggest influence, as well as first educators of their child.
Thank you for showing an interest in Little Lions. I always feel honoured and privileged when parents have made a decision to entrust us with the care and education of their child so I sincerely hope I will have opportunity to meet you in the immediate future and look forward with confidence to hearing how well your child is progressing.
Best Wishes
Paul Cunningham

National Admissions Hotline: 400-682-6822

Shanghai Admissions Hotline: 153-1792-5705

Chongqing Admissions Hotline: 188-8339-0691



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