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Frequently Asked Questions:

1. General information about Harrow Little Lions

Harrow Little Lions Childhood Development is authorised by Harrow School in the UK, operated and managed by Asia International School Limited, under the vertical supervision of Harrow School in the UK. Harrow Little Lions provides quality international education for children born locally or abroad between the age of 2 and 6 years old.

The first two Harrow Little Lions Childhood Developments are located in Shanghai and Chongqing, to be officially opened in February 2019.

Location of Shanghai Harrow Little Lions: Building No. 2, Middle Ring Sen lan International, 1088 Zhouhai Rd, Pudong Xinqu, Shanghai Shi, China (12 classes, 2600 square meters GFA)

Location of Chongqing Harrow Little Lions: JinCai Ave, No. 203 Jin Shan Avenue, Yubei District, Chongqing, China (12 classes, 3500 square meters GFA)

2. What are the characteristics and advantages of Harrow Little Lions' curriculum setting?
3. What is a school day like at Harrow Little Lions?
4. Teachers’ Qualifications
5. How do class teachers teach and take care of children?
6. Harrow Little Lions' linkage with Primary School

Living and Service Q&As:

1. How do parents get to know the learning progress of their child?
Parents can learn about their child's school life through Parents' meetings, Open Days, Classroom visits, Tapestry - an online communication and assessment tool, newsletters and our website.  The management of Harrow Little Lions is very transparent, systematic and standardised. Parents will be able to communicate with our teaching staff on a regular basis. 
2. What is the class time and pick-up time?
3. Meal Arrangements

Application for Admissions Q&As:

1. Admissions Policy

We provide education programmes in four levels: C1  for 2-3 years old, C2 for 3-4 years old, C3 for 4-5 years old and C4 for 5-6 years old. The age cut-off date for admission is calculated based on the birth month before August 31st.

Harrow Little Lions welcomes all eligible children to apply regardless of race, gender and nationality.

2. When should I enrol?

National Admissions Hotline: 400-682-6822

Shanghai Admissions Hotline: 153-1792-5705

Chongqing Admissions Hotline: 188-8339-0691




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