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Campus & Facilities

Our Classrooms

All Harrow Little Lions campuses will feature a dedicated space that delivers educational contents through high-tech interactive multi-media technologies to cultivate young children’s exploration capabilities and inspire interactive thinking.

In our classrooms, we will also setup a variety of thematic areas for education and practice (e.g. reading, exploration, mathematics, arts and sciences). Children are encouraged to choose interested topics and apply what they’ve learnt through play.
▲Harro Little Lions Campus

Well-being on Campus

The superb facilities in our campuses, such as indoor air purification system, water purification system, UV sterilization system and access control system, will work to offer a total protection to our children, so that they can learn and play in a healthy, comfortable, safe and carefree environment. Our campuses are also equipped with air filtration system to guarantee clean and fresh air for our children.